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Bloomers and the Brownhouse

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330 S Archibald St.

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Bloomers and the Brownhouse

Getting Married? Congratulations! Let us help!

Weddings are a big part of our business which means we know how to do them right! We understand that the months leading to your wedding are exciting and new, but they're also nerve racking and sometimes stressful. This is why we work with our brides closely to ensure that they know going into their wedding day that their flowers will be taken care of without a worry!   

In order to ensure our full attention is on your wedding, we only book one wedding each day. That means make sure you come see us at least 6-8 months in advance to put a deposit down to secure your day! We price competetively and will work with brides to find build their dream bouquets within their budgets.

Call us today to book an appointment to discuss your plans and receive a quote!

Did you know we have a Flower Wedding Registry? That means that you can register with us to allow your guests to contribute to the cost of your flowers! It's perfect for couples who already have everything they need but still want to provide something that their guests can contribute to their special day! When you come in and book your wedding we can set you up with a registry up to a specified amount that your guests may come in and contrinute to at will. Don't forget to ask us about details!