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The Swinery

Rs w 400 cg true m
(807) 252-0414

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The Swinery

The Story...

The idea of The Swinery started off where most great ideas originate, in your local pub.  After that, the hunt was on for the perfect trailer.  We found a classic 1973 airstream trailer around Ottawa that was perfect to convert into a mobile bar. Next thing you know, an epic road trip started and we are still on it to this day.

The Family

At The Swinery we are a tight knit little family that takes pride in taking care of each other so we can take care of you.  Daner was the first member and is the soul of the fam.  All he wanted was the left over garnishes for a wage.  Pat is the backbone and makes things happen.  After Pat, came Allie.  She brings the heart to the famIly and keeps the boys in line.  Last but not least is Raymond, the guy that holds it all together.  He‘s the glue of this team and keeps all the good people together so we can make your event a memorable one.  

The Work

We transformed the Airstream into a bar on wheels allowing us to bring our craft cocktails to wherever you may be. We focus on great  fresh ingredients because that's what makes a great cocktail.  We believe in supporting local gardens so we can bring it to your glass.