New CSA Lift Truck Standards

New CSA Lift Truck Standards

Employers now have a new tool for ensuring safe lift truck operation, thanks to the CSA B335-15 Safety standard for lift trucks. This comprehensive document covers the key elements of a lift truck safety program, including operator training, and the qualifications needed for trainers and maintenance technicians. While the entire document has been updated, the biggest changes are around training. The previous and new version require operators to be trained to the level of competency, but now the training requirements in the new standard spell out how instruction is to be conveyed and evaluated.

This includes theory, hands-on, knowledge verification and practical evaluation, all of which are defined in B335-15. Other changes include:

New retraining requirements: Old standards had recommended retraining for operators every three years, and re-evaluation of their skills after 18 months.

Additional circumstances that trigger retraining:

  • when new equipment is introduced into the workplace
  • when the operating conditions and environment have changed
  • when applicable legislation changes, or
  • when skill or knowledge deficiencies are identified.

A Managed Systems context. The new standard is compatible with the CSA Z1000 series of management standards. It's not just about lift truck training, you can train your people but that's not going to keep you safe. A Manager System helps you know what has to be on your preventative maintenance program. The managed system that talks about:

  • Is it the right equipment for the job?
  • Are we using the right equipment?
  • Are we maintaining the equipment properly?
  • How often are we maintaining it?
  • Do we have an inventory list of our equipment?

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