Tips For Forklift Operators

A Toyota blog had special guest Tom Reddon write an article for them. Tom Reddon is a forklift specialist and blog manager for the National Forklift Exchange. He also sits on the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) Executive Dialogue team. The article is entitled 5 Tips For Novice Forklift Operators, these tips help make any forklift operation flawless. 


Forklift Operator Tips:

Check Gas and Battery Before Operation – It is imperative to check both the fuel and voltage levels before operation. Failing to do so can result in malfunction of the machinery and ultimately result in collateral damage to goods or injury to personnel.

Assure Adequate Hydraulic Oil – This is especially important. Hydraulic oil allows any forklift to raise and lower its lift platforms throughout operation. Routinely check hydraulic oil to prevent accidents during usage, inadequate amounts or bubbly hydraulic oil can result in an immediate failure of the mechanisms.

Be Mindful of Floor Traffic – It is crucial that any forklift operator pay attention to the factory or warehouse floor at all times. Forklift operators should always keep their eyes focused in front of them, constantly surveying the area for potential hazards. Tactics like this are the most proactive measure in preventing workplace incidents.

Maintain Consistent Communication – Communication is the prudential ingredient of successful teamwork. If you are operating a forklift, there are many methods of conveying intent. It is essential that any forklift operator maintains consistent verbal communication with colleagues and partners; this is the surest way to make sure all personnel are in unison in any given project.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help – There is no shame in asking for additional help. If you are unsure or feel uncomfortable with any facet of forklift operation, be sure to ask any co-worker or supervisor for insights and instructions.


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