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Isabella Pioro Photography Izabela loves to capture special milestones in every woman’s life, from her engagement and wedding through pregnancies, newborns and beyond… (807) 473-5153
Alan Dickson Photography Studio With over 30 years of experience behind the lens, Alan has developed an unique style and vision when it comes to photography. (807) 345-6704
Brianna Photography Brianna Photography aims to provide a custom experience that celebrates your family’s history with treasured portraiture. (807) 620-0214
Greg Johns Photographer Just prior to the 'Eighties' I became seriously interested in photography. I remember my fascination as a child when my father gifted me with an AGFA Instamatic. (807) 622-2012
Mike Pianka Photography My name is Mike Pianka, I’m a professional photographer based in Thunder Bay, Ontario and I make people smile. (807) 629 8990
Chondon Photography To be honest, I haven't always been a photographer, and if you had asked me 10 years ago, if I would be taking photos for a living, I probably would have given you a strange look.
Dorothy Renzi I'm a hopeless romantic who lives off coffee, carbs and fuzzy peaches. (807) 355-0091
James Brown Photography My favourite photography tells a story about its subject.  It captures real moments and emotion. (807) 630-4111
Bliss Pictures You are taking the leap. And you only intend to do this once! Having dreamt of this moment your entire life, you are giddy and all lit up with passion. (807) 473-1173
Kirvan Photography We use skill and creativity to create high-quality images for our clients. We understand that every photo project is different and work closely with clients to insure their photos exceed the expectations. (905) 626-5056
Laura Myers Photography I’ve always had an interest in photography but became really passionate about it when I met my husband who was a Media Arts teacher. He bought me my first professional camera and I started studying everything there was to know about photography, my camera, and editing. In 2012, I choose to pursue my passion full time. I opened my business and never looked back! When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me enjoying the natural beauty of Northwestern Ontario and travelling with my family. (807) 626-0504
Frank Baratta Photography This is my 33rd year in business as owner of Sooter Studio, and I have seen many changes in the industry. (807) 627-1027
Arps Professional Photography I personally find it hard to write about myself, but here goes nothing! As a young teenager I was given a camera from my parents for Christmas and it changed my life. (807) 345-9433
Murray Metcalf Photography The creative process is a cooperative effort between you and your photographer.
Luca Giorgio Luca is a true motivational spirit with ability to produce a fresh creative direction and inspire others through his talents.
BB Image Being from North Western Ontario, we recognize the beautiful adventurous back country we have. (807) 252-5436