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Kristen & Anthony have quite a unique dynamic – mostly because they’re complete opposite in almost every way, and yet balance each other out. After spending years working full-time as a photographer for a local photography franchise, Anthony took a leap of faith and made a big change with his day job – he now works full-time as an Automotive Mechanic. Why the big change? You may ask yourself. Simply put, he’s a man of many talents to enjoys a challenge! Plus, Kristen is much happier now that her partner in crime no longer has to go out of town for work from Sunday morning to Friday night. (If wifey ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy, amirite ladies?). Kristen too is a bit of a strange breed - she has an Honour Bachelor of Commerce degree and an Honours Bachelor of Social Work degree, and is currently working full-time at a local social service agency in a program that works to empower and support low income and marginalized people as they work to improve their financial well-being. Kristen is the backbone of this operation - by day, she’s a hard working helping professional, and by night (and lunch/weekends!) she’s keeping everything organized and masterminding the operations here at Last Flash Photography!