We have learned a lot this past year and are excited to introduce our Tents & Events Rentals department website. 


Long have we laboured over cataloging our massive inventory to make it accessible to you now!


Quickly and easily find what you need through our efficiently designed categories. 


New Cart

Use our new cart system on the website to build up your plan and then easily recall the plan in store with your reference number. This fantastic system allows you to look through and choose your styles before you come into the store. Or you can use it to remind yourself how many chairs you need. 


As always you can still call in when you have questions.



We have painstakingly taken pictures of each unique item in our inventory. You won't find many manufacturer photos on our site. Actually see the items we have and you are going to get.


The Future

You may have noticed the "Event Designer" menu option. It's not ready yet, but we hope to revolutionize the event planning process with this new exceptional tool. You will be able to build floorplans, design placesettings, pick catering, and much much more. Look forward to that release, we will be talking about it alot when it happens.