-Is your guest count realistic? How large is your yard? Which kind of party – formal sit down, or cocktail style? Will you have games & events to keep your party occupied during slow times (photo session etc…)?


-Ensure all rental needs are available, aim for booking your rentals at least 6-12 months in advance if possible.


-Did you book a catering company? Ensure to book 6-18 months in advance. They may also require a sheltered area (pop-up tent). Have water/ice services planned out. Do you have room for all food/drink needs? Tables/chill tables/bar. Ensure you ALSO have non-alcoholic beverages planned out.


-Did you book a band/DJ services? Ensure to book 12-18 months in advance. They may also require a sheltered area & table/chair. Do you have enough space for them inside of the tent? Will you be adding on a separate tent for them? Do you have enough power to the area? Book a generator if not, we have many different sizes of the invertors (QUIET event specific generators).


-Is your event within City of Thunder Bay limits? We provide you with all information needed for the required tent permit. We can even complete them for you, for a hassle-free experience! Also be sure to check out event insurance – this will cover you financially if anything should go astray with your event. Check out https://duuo.ca/

-Liquor licenses should also be applied for – ask your insurance broker what is required for your event (PAL policy).

-A Special Occasions Permit (SOP) is NOT required for an event held at a private residence. Learn more at AGCO.ca https://www.iagco.agco.ca/prod/pub/en/Login.aspx#PosseWizard2


- Who will set up your rental items on the morning of your event? Who will take down, disassemble and reorganize your rental items at the end of the night or the next day? Weddings/events can be very busy for your family and friends. Do you want to put any added pressure on those closest to you?

-Luckily, we have partnered with Georgia Kaustinen of State & Co. who is familiar with our products & can provide the set up/take down services for your special day! Ensure to get your date booked as soon as possible – at least 12-18 MONTHS in advance!


-Where will people be going to the washroom? Do you need a single port-a-potty? Do you need a restroom trailer? Do you need sinks/handwashing stations? If so, look into booking these 12-18 MONTHS in advance if possible! YES – we rent the handwashing stations out, but NO – we do not currently rent out port-a-pottys, or restroom trailers. We deal with A1 Sewage, and they carry many different options.


-Do you have enough parking room for everyone? Will you need to arrange ride sharing options to your property? Do you have neighbors that will allow you to use their property? If hiring a bus or transportation, ensure the vehicle can safely maneuver on site/turn around.


-You spend so much time/money on a beautiful event – make sure it stays that way. Arrange for a clean-up crew to collect empty drink glasses, cans, plates, napkins etc…


-Be respectful – try not to be a noisy neighbour. Make sure you speak with neighbours that may be affected by the party noise. Ensure you are aware of all bylaws that apply to your area.